Google Search Launch Lite Mode Feature load faster web page on 2G networks in India

Google Lite Search Version Introduced in India for 2G mobile networks to fast display web pages:

Google Search Product Manager, Google Inc Hiroto Tokusei on Tuesday wrote article on blog web page display 4 times faster on google search results like main content, search links via Chrome or Android browser. Google search team experiments revealed and field test done in Indonesia optimized pages load 4 times faster than original page and use 80% fewer bytes. Using lite search feature users search traffic 50% increased. Search light feature will available in India from this month. Google will capture the web page and utilizing search light feature makes it lighter page to load fast and read easy.

Android phone with 2G net users, Apple Products with 2G while checking results of latest cricket scores, latest news in their region, train timings, online shopping if the net slow connection they will loss the search interest quit the search mode, for avoiding Google introducing light search mode feature in India, most of 2G networks mobiles are slow connections in India.
People who use Internet on phones android mobiles to access required information will seek fast web display relevant content. Huge numbers of people still have slow web displays on their costly mobiles. Google launch Lite mode format display web results beautiful and easy to use. For Lite Search version need not download or update automatically loads when select lite mode feature.

More than 200 milling Indian using the internet from a smartphone, Google search product team working hard to make access faster and more affordable.

Faster optimized pages help to publishers and advertisers to reach new audiences. There is no problem to original page when user select lighter version relevant web page content will display fast and easy to understand.

Article Source: Google India blog

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