What is Employment Exchange Registration? Functions Renewal Facilities

Employment Exchange is an Government organization to provide jobs assistance on the basis of candidate qualification and experience. Simply it can abbreviated candidate registering educational details at exchange office for employment opportunity. In every state there are various employment exchanges like district, town, regional, women, special etc. Once registered online or offline (at office) organization will forward applicants data base to employer (govt companies), further Job/Interview call letters will send to registers after sorting by employer.

Employment Exchange Functions
Employment Exchange or Employment Registration centers main aim is to provide job opportunities to unemployed youths of urban and rural peoples. People who have registered/enrolled their certificates at employment exchange offices will get benefits. Government will provide jobs considering objectives seniority (from how many years registration), age of candidate, marks secured in academic year wise, community/caste, previous job experience, student annual income status. Employment Exchange is the opportunity to provide jobs to urban and rural peoples.

For Job Seekers
1. Online Registration and Renewal
2. Vacancy notification and submission details
3. EMI (Employment Market Information) and establishments
4. Vocational Guidance and Career information
5. Collection of various government department vacancies and submission of suitable candidates list to the employer and achieve placement.

List of Employment Exchanges in India: www.archive.india.gov.in/citizen/employment.php?id=4

National Employment Service
www.employmentservice.nic.in is the national employment service covers all states and union territories as on 31st August 2015 total 947 employment exchanges in India. Employment Exchanges Act 1959, Compulsory Notification of Vacancies.

Employment Exchange Renewal Period
Students have to renewal their employment card every 3 years, In case applicant forgot to renewal, don’t worry every employment exchange allow 6 months grace period without losing employment seniority.

Recently Govt of India MSME launched Employment Exchange for Industries, Persons who are passed MSME training institute certificate utilize this service freely.

Employment Exchange Old System
Some years back (before 2000) for employment registration, students has to go concerned District employment exchange office, application form will have to fill with biodata, educational, contact details and enclose envelope cover with stamps and written address on envelope for receiving employment card. After verification of certificates cornered officer will allow permission and deliver employment registration certificate to the students. Whole process will take one week to 15 days. After development of latest technology Internet/software usage Employment Exchange Online Registration Facilitate provided all of the states in India.

Employment Exchange Facilities

For Physically Handicapped
All of employment exchange services registration, renewal, emi, employment opportunities available at Special Employment Exchange offices for Phsically Handiccped persons. Facilities provided railway concessions, free traveling bus, self employment financial assistance.

Self Employment Motivation Camps
Employment Exchange Offices provide self employment scheme opportunities to local jobseekers, people who have registered with the exchange eligible to apply various loan/subsidy run by different government departments. For running these schemes training will make available in ITI and other training institutions.

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