What is GoogleWebLight www.googleweblight.com how to use on android

What is Google Web Light site? Is the site Google Inc? How to use Google Web Light in Mobiles, Androids? These questions re raised in many net users in mind. So many internet users and specially web/blog administrators are confusing, their web traffic from www.googleweblight.com and they are searching on net to know what is the Google web light, who owns, what are the advantages. For online net users and web blog administrators clarification posted article here by our team member about Google Web Light site.

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Official website: www.googleweblight.com 
Established: 27-03-2015
Owner: Google inc.
Service Introduced by: Hiroto Tokusei (Google Inc.)
Purpose: For Slow Internet connections on Android mobiles  

Used Countries: Indonesia, India and Brazil (will implemented reaming countries where slow speed net)

What is Google Web Light site?
Googleweblight website and their services run by world popular, leading search engine company Google Inc. Aim of the site is to load web search pages fast by showing site page main subject,content, suitable information for 2G internet users in mobiles and desktops, Citizens who are facing problems to load web page very slow due to slow internet connection. Google Search Product Manager Hiroto Tokusei introduced this service Google Search in Lit mode. It is useful to user to load web page 4 times faster on google search results which uses slow internet connections 2G. This facility currently provided in Indonesia, India and Brazil.

For doing this Google will trascode (convert) web pages on the fly into version optimized for slow networks, so pages will load faster while saving/displaying data. Optimized page care for majority of the relevant content and provide a link for users to the original page. Transcode not created for videos based sites, For more info

How to use Google Web Light on Mobile, Android, 2G:
If you are using slow internet connection on your mobile, android, 2G net service. It will work only android devices and on chrome browser. If you want open any site or particular web page fast follow the link and replace the your required web url to display information fast.

Links is : http://googleweblight.com/?lite_url=[web site url]
For Wikipedia https://googleweblight.com/?lite_url=https://en.wikipedia.org 
For Yahoo https://googleweblight.com/?lite_url=https://www.Yahoo.com
For Snapdeal https://googleweblight.com/?lite_url=https://www.Snapdeal.com 

For Website and Blog Authors/Administrators:
If you have more traffic from www.googleweblight.com, don’t bother, your site/blog pages are viewing through Google Lite search mode developed by Google Inc. your ads will also display, but disadvantage is your web/blog traffic goes to google web light. Advantage is your site posts useful information will receive by people.

Do you want contact Google web light:googleweblight@google.com.

If you have any suggestions, clarifications write to us by replying this post.


  1. tell me weblight setting on mobile

  2. No Settings required. By Default it will show you. if your mobile fast connection like 3G, 4G will not show.

    Even you want to open googleweblight

    Type like below

    http://googleweblight.com/?lite_url=[web site url]

  3. Good idea, it worked well with my phone.